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IT Security

Wireless Security

With the proliferation of mobile devices and WiFi networks in the enterprise, wireless security is more important today than ever. This guide covers security authentication and encryption standards to help minimize WiFi risks and protect against data theft over wireless networks. It also outlines the main considerations when it comes to deploying WPA2-Enterprise in your organization.

Cloud based Security

Organizations that see information security as a priority, but lack the internal resources and expertise to invest in adequate tools, might want to consider cloud-based security solutions. Sometimes referred to as security as a service, these providers offer a range of options and specialized services, including vulnerability scanning and email protection. These two guides dive into cloud security solutions that offer unique advantages to both small organizations as well as larger enterprises.


Next-gen firewalls are quickly replacing traditional firewalls, offering organizations additional features and capabilities, such as application and identity awareness, stateful inspection, an integrated intrusion protection system (IPS), as well as the ability to utilize external intelligence sources. Our NGFW guide covers the features you should be looking for in your next firewall purchase and includes a side by side comparison of the top five next-gen firewalls currently available on the market.

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

A Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance allows you to handle a variety of network security scenarios, offering multiple functions in a single device. A typical UTM will have firewall, remote access and VPN, web access gateway, network intrusion protection functions and more. This guide covers the pros and cons of utilizing a UTM and what features and capabilities you should look for when shopping for one. It also offers a comparison of the top five UTM products available on the market today.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have been around for years, offering a secure way for employees to access organizations' internal networks. Today enterprise VPN options can be purchased as a standalone product or as part of a larger, comprehensive security suite, which is becoming much more popular.In this guide you'll learn about the different VPN protocols as well as five of the leading enterprise VPN solutions.

Endpoint Protection Solutions

Modern organizations are dealing with a growing numbers of endpoints to protect, from PCs, servers and mobile devices, to network connected printers, projectors and a variety of other non-computer devices. In addition, endpoints are typically the most open to successful attacks when compared to other targets. This guide covers key features to look for when evaluating these solutions along with a comparison of the top five endpoint protection products.

Encryption Key Management

When it comes to data protection and encryption, an effective encryption key management solution is a crucial component. Every organization utilizing encryption must understand how their encryption keys are generated, changed and destroyed. Protecting the encryption keys is just as important as protecting the data they protect. This guide covers encryption key management options and what to look for in a solution for your business.

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