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Tally 18 Software

Tally 18 Software is coming soon with advanced features and a brand-new look. Tally ERP’s journey will end with the launch of Tally 18 Software.

Tally Solutions has made an announcement on the 18th of June 2018, 18:00 hours that their new product, the Tally 18 Software, a more simplified and user-friendly version for business will be released soon. The world is looking forward to the launch date of Tally 18! The all-new Tally 18 Software will continue empowering businesses with the GST implementation and filling of returns features.

A peek at the latest features of Tally 18 Software

  • Exciting new Tally experience
  • Manage simple and complex transactions
  • Generating extensive business reports
  • Spontaneous navigation mechanism
  • Secured connected services
  • Reports generated at super speed
  • Handle multi-state GST

Do you want to know the grand release date of Tally 18 Software?

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Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.5.4

In our constant endeavour to provide simple and useful assistance in your GST returns filing, we are pleased to bring to you some extremely useful enhancements via Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.5.4 which was launched on 28th Aug, 2019.

GST Annual Computation report to view the values as per books

Tally.ERP 9 will help save considerable time and effort by giving you a detailed report which has GST transactional information as per books. Using this information you can identify discrepancies, if any, and fill GSTR-9 accurately.

A new report GST Annual Computation is now provided. You can use this report to:

  • Obtain the transaction values as per books.
  • Check the transactions that are excluded and resolve incomplete/mismatch in information, and use the break-up of values to file GSTR-9.

Support for GST CMP-08

You can now generate GST CMP-08 report and print the same as a Word document, with the details of turnover and tax values of outward and inward supplies on which tax is payable.

Enhancement for E-way Bill

Tally.ERP 9 now provides an entry assistance to prefill the distance in E-way Bill Details screen based on the combination of same party and pin codes entered in previous transactions. You can export these details in MS Excel and JSON formats, and use it to generate E-way Bill on NIC portal.

Below are the highlights of Tally.ERP 9 Release 6 series.

Record Fixed Asset purchases in account invoice mode

For your convenience, you can now record Fixed Assets purchases in account invoice mode as well. This was earlier possible only in the voucher mode.

Automatic rounding off invoice amounts

Create a Round off Ledger and select Invoice Rounding as the type of ledger. While creating invoice and upon selecting this ledger, Tally.ERP9 will auto calculate the difference value.

Manage e-Way Bills using Tally.ERP 9

When you create the invoice before transporting goods, Tally.ERP 9 captures all the necessary details required to capture e-Way Bill. You need not re-enter these details in the e-Way Bill portal again. Just export the invoice in JSON format and upload to the portal for generating e-Way Bill.

  • Enter e-Way Bill Number (EBN) in its corresponding invoice, print the invoice and hand it over to the transporter.
  • You can export JSON file for a single invoice or for multiple invoices together in one go.
  • If the mode of transport, vehicle no., place of supply and State are same for a given set of invoices, you can group invoices accordingly and generate a single JSON file for a consolidated e-Way Bill. But first, you must generate e-Way Bills for each invoice as a prerequisite.
  • Tally.ERP 9 identifies invoices for which e-Way Bills are yet to be generated. You can add, modify, delete, consolidate and track e-Way Bills against invoices.Tally.ERP9 also shows which details are missing in the invoice for the purpose of generating e-Way Bills.
  • You can generate e-Way Bills on behalf of your supplier or transporter; or in cases of purchases and also for credit notes, delivery notes and receipt notes as well.
Tally.Server 9 Release 6.4.6

Tally.Server 9 Release 6 is the latest release for GST compatibility. It is an enterprise class product for medium and large size businesses. With Tally.Server 9, you can:

  • Maximize the speed of concurrent operations to increase organisational productivity
  • Control the visibility to data files and access rights to minimize the risk of data misuse
  • View real-time information on usage patterns to optimize user performance
  • Enjoy zero downtime of operations during data maintenance and intense usage

The latest version under Tally.Server 9 Release 6 series is Release 6.4.6, which was launched on 5th July, 2018.

Download and experience Tally.Server 9 Release 6 for GST. It will take just a few minutes as always.

Shoper 9 Release 2.7

Shoper 9 is an one-stop software to manage all your retail needs. Shoper 9, trusted by several brands across geographies, provides to you high level business capabilities suited to meet your day-to-day transactional and analytical business needs.

Tally.Developer 9 Release 6.4.1

Tally.Developer 9 Release 6.4.1 is available for download now!

The latest version is enriched with the following capabilities:

  • This version comes with the source code of Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.4.1 by default. However, you will be able to load the source code of any higher version by using the latest SDK provided within 'Support Files'.
  • Address use cases related to web integrations which are able to process request/responses in JSON format over HTTP. HTTP headers frame extended to support user defined headers with GET request.
  • Exchange of data over HTTP with Datasource 'HTTP JSON' at collection level
  • Send GET requests with HTTP headers with 'Export Header' at collection level.