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Biometrics is basically the recognition of human characteristics that are unique to each person, which can include facial recognition, retina scans, palm prints, fingerprints, voice verification, and more. While the technology has been around for some time, this technology wasn't always so readily available to the general public.

If you are looking to secure your computer, home or business? If you want to be on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to home or business security this is definitely the way to go.

Biometric Fingerprint

Biometric finger prints are usually used with fingerprint readers that take an impression of the skin's friction ridges. Then they are used to identify the person. The great thing about using fingerprints to identify people is that fingerprints are always unique to a specific person and they won't change either.

Biometric Face Recognition

A biometric face security device is used to compare a video or image of a person and then it compares it to the photos in the database by use of biometrics. Proportions, shape, and facial structure are used to help determine this.

Biometric Time clocks

A biometric time attendance recorder can automate your payroll system by tracking employee attendance in real-time. The main reason that these systems are so beneficial is that they will save your company a lot of money. You can now easily track and report employee times, expenses, and availability.

Biometric Door Locks

These locks are specifically designed to be use on doors, whether they are doors to your home or a business. Inside doors that provide access to certain areas may also include a biometrics door lock. These locks require some form of a physical characteristic or behavioural trait from a specific person, such as a hand print, retinal scan, or finger print, to open the lock to the door.

Biometric Iris Scanner

Biometric iris scanners are biometrics scanners that carefully looks at the iris of a person's eye and uses pattern recognition techniques to identify and authenticate that person's identity. High resolution images are taken with the biometric iris scanners and passed through a biometrics system with high tech software to match up the iris to the person.

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